Staying In Crisis Mode A Little Longer

[August 28, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 30:  [Staying In Crisis Mode A Little Longer]

The good news about being in a crisis (yep, I’m going there) is this will not be the last time it’s going to happen so you’re going to be better prepared for next time.

We will get through it and your dental practice will look different on the other side because you will be a different person from going through this experience.

And while crises can be stressful, it’s a wakeup call for other issues that existed before the crisis started but weren’t painful enough at that stage to deal with them.

People run FROM pain (physical like a toothache and emotional like frustration in your dental practice) more than they run TO pleasure.

Each crisis brings two things:

1. Unexpected problems

2. Unseen opportunities

So right now, it’s beneficial to stay in ‘crisis mode’ a little longer to take advantage of opportunities we don’t normally see and help carry you through in your dental practice to a better outcome.

As you plan going forward, keep these things in mind:
  1. Be real in your marketing message. This is not the time to be a slick, over-produced dental practice.  People need to trust you and that false impression actually alienates patients.  They need to know you are a real person right now going through the same things so they can relate to you.
  2. Knowing that you will probably get it wrong at some point. Going in with that though gives you flexibility and freedom to not set unrealistic expectations for yourself.
  3. You’re playing the long game. While we are taking it one piece at a time, if you have your final goal in mind, it will help guide you when things get rocky.
  4. Communicate! By doing so truthfully to your patients, your team, and your family when you’re not sure and not going quiet, that shows them you are working on a solution.  People freak out when there is no news and assume the worst even though you are working towards a solution.

In this podcast episode, I also share several ways to adjust your practice to help get you through this crisis with systems and services you already have so make sure you listen to the full podcast.


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