3 Actionable Quick Tips to Harvest Results In Your Dental Practice

[AUGUST 21, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 29:  [3 Actionable Quick Tips to Harvest Results In Your Dental Practice]

Want to work on rebuilding the framework to support your growth (and give you protection in case things go south again in a hurry)?

This week’s episode “Dental Mental” podcast is all about A-C-T-I-O-N with small seeds you can plant now and harvest when you need it.

August is slowing down for many practices and September is looking very holy for offices.  (I share more details as to why on the podcast.)

Use these 3 tips to create traction.  And with all three combined, they cost less than a $1 to do.

3 quick tips to help you harvest results.

I’ve tried all 3 myself and they all work amazingly well

Let’s go straight to the actionable quick tips that you can implement immediately.  These 3 tips are a cornucopia of easy to implement strategies.

Quick Tip 1: Building “FOR” relationships

Pick 5 patients that you haven’t communicated with lately and send them a sincere, handwritten card to see how they’re doing.  You are “FOR” their well being.  No promotion.  No mention of treatment.  Just pure connection.

In the world of social distancing, businesses are forgetting about why customers really choose you.  They do business with people they like, know, and trust and that comes from ongoing communications and connection.

Quick Tip 2: Pull a list of all the procedures you’ve done for the past 12 months

Practices put too much focus on ‘fancy’ procedures and ignore the boring, bread and butter services.  These are the foundations of diagnosis and provide insurance to protect their investment.  You want to pull a report for each procedure performed in your office in the past 12 months by total number done and the dollar amount of services generated from it.

This is important because by monitoring these core procedures, it makes sure you are not missing steps.  Often times, when monitored, these ‘boring’ services are profitable and are part of your overall growth.

Quick Tip 3: Show gratitude to your team

This is a stressful time at work and at home.  Team members are juggling many things and it’s taking an emotional toll on them.  They need to know you care.

By making a point of expressing your gratitude in a simple, caring way, it goes a long way.  I share how to do that on the podcast so listen in.

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