Attracting Patients Who Can Pay

[August 14, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 28:  [Attracting Patients Who Can Pay]

There is no disputing that things are waaaaaayyyy different now.

And no matter what, we can’t go back to where things were before March.

If it seems like things that used to work well for you aren’t anymore, you’re not crazy.

On this week’s podcast, we cover the 4 biggest things that have changed with patient interaction (and not one of them is related to PPE!) so you can be aware and adapt.

Listen to this week’s episode as we dive deeper into these 4 areas and how you approach the situation differently:

  1. The enormous size and the number of people that have been impacted to create an exponential effect
  2. Mental Baggage- the internalization of the situation has created inaccurate thoughts that affects our patients, team members, and ourselves
  3. Patient value spectrum has completed shifted. So the money flow has shifted to mirror those new values
  4. We are selling the invisible and intangible and why that’s hard for patients to appreciate or understand.


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