Putting Action Into Your Dental Marketing

[August 8, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel



I have an ad from a restaurant I’ve always wanted to try sticking to my fridge with a tooth-shaped magnet.  (I’m a dentist, right?  What else would my magnets be shaped like?)

I’ve heard great things about this place.  I’ve had several friends rave about the experience.  I even drive by it ALL the time.

Guess how long that ad has been stuck to my fridge with the tooth-shaped magnet?

At least two years!  (Don’t judge me by my frig clutter.)

Here’s the deal-e-o,

  • I want to go there
  • I have no issues with the cost to dine with them
  • It’s conveniently located for me
  • I dine with other restaurants in that same class all the time

But I’ve never gone to this particular restaurant.  And seeing their fancy-dancy, expensive ad for it has done nothing to spark my interest by motivating me enough to actually eat there in the past 2 years.  Honestly, I bet they NEED people to come in right now.

They made the #1 mistake I see in most marketing, they failed to get me to take action NOW.

So on this episode of “Dental Mental” podcast, we put the Walk into our Marketing Talk to bring patients across the finish line and get them to actually come into the office.

I’m putting all the pieces together and tying it up in a bow for you for your dental marketing.  If you create your own marketing, or if you hire it out, you will have a master list to see if it checks all the boxes to lead the patient from just thinking about it to actually taking action by coming in.

Listen in.

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