[July 31, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel


I have teenagers at home.  But they sometimes (okay, MOST of the time) act more like 2-year-olds with short attention spans.

You would think they have progressed past the stage of me having to remind them what they need to do.  But they don’t.

I scream at them every day and they continue to stare blankly at their phones.

The issue with my teenagers has more to do with a mistake in my thinking vs theirs.   To motivate anyone, you need to find the proverbial carrot to hang off the stick to get them where they need to go.

And truth be told, it’s not a trait exclusive to teenagers rather all humans have it.   People have to be constantly reminded and reinforced, regardless of age,  what good comes from every choice.

  • Why eating healthy is good.
  • The good side of regular exercise.
  • How saving now will benefit us in the long run.

But more than that, to make these stick we’ve got to find the specific thing that is important to that person in particular.

A common mistake when we’re talking to people about their dental issues, we slip into dentist brain and focus too much on the technical talk about the care vs. the benefits our patients need to hear.  And it works so much better if we know what’s important to THEM, so we can customize our benefits discussion specifically towards their wants and needs.

We’re diving into the “Benefit Talk” for your dental marketing to help you get more patients on this week’s “Dental Mental” podcast episode.  This is part of our series on attracting more patients with your current marketing efforts.

I’m going to tie this into the bigger picture, give you some ideas inside and out of dentistry so you can understand it through your patients eyes.  If you create your own marketing, or if you hire it out, you will have a master list to see if it checks all the boxes to lead the patient from just thinking about it to actually taking action by coming in.

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