Providing heavy lifting social proof to attract new patients

[July 24, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel


When Oprah made her weight struggles public and put it out there for the world to see, she took a step closer away from being a celebrity to being one of us.

And all her public diet rebounding shows she’s human, too.  For millions of Americans, we seesaw back in forth between being ‘good’ and giving in to cravings, so it feels good to welcome Oprah to our club.

But when Oprah teamed up with Weight Watchers, that relationship was different.  Now she was a member, too.  She was having to walk the walk to talk the talk…right there in high definition of our 55 inch TV.

She said what many of us were thinking, she loves bread and so do we!!!  So if Oprah tells us how great this program is and you can still eat your carbs, sign me up.

Social proof is powerful.  You can talk about how great your office is  all you want, but when someone hears it from other satisfied customers that have been through the same experience that you are considering, we can relate to them.

But most social proof and testimonials floating around out there stink!  It’s about as powerful as vanilla yogurt.

Getting great heavy lifting social proof that grabs people’s attention is like anything else:  it’s a step by step formula.

We’re continuing our series on Good Marketing here on the “Dental Mental” podcast as I demystify the steps of getting social proof that is more powerful than Oprah’s carb struggles for Weight Watchers.

And I’ll show you examples of what potential patients are looking for from your existing patients to help them go from on the fence to saying “YES”.

Listen in as we inspire you and your team to create your office’s social proof ambassadors.

If you create your own marketing, or if you hire it out, you will have a master list to see if it checks all the boxes to lead the patient from just thinking about it to actually taking action by coming in.

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