Grabbing dental patients attention

[July 17, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel


Getting patients is like dating.  It’s a process.  And it’s about making the other person feel good.  Have you ever had a conversation where the other person just keeps telling you how great THEY are?   That’s totally lopsided.

So why do advertisers keep preaching things like this that are setting up your interaction on the wrong foot:
  • “Have a memorable logo.”
  • “Get your name out there.”
  • “Promote yourself on social media.”
  • “Make sure your picture is on there in a white lab coat.”
  • “Put a picture of your office there.  That will impress them.”

They do it because it’s easy and lazy.  It’s so much more difficult to take the time to learn about someone else so you can connect with them.

Or is it, really?

If you  spent hours writing a fantastic letter that was perfectly crafted for the intended person, but they never opened it because it didn’t grab their attention, how would that feel?


Good marketing should pique the interest of your ideal patient enough to get them to read on.   And you do that with a well-constructed headline.

I’ve decided to do something a little different, and I’m going to demystify the marketing process that gets patients to take action (like making an appointment).

So for the next few podcasts, I’m doing a series where I’m taking key elements of good marketing and deep-diving into several areas so you can have a lesson plan on how to do this for your office.  If you create your own marketing, or if you hire it out, you will have a master list to see if it checks all the boxes to lead the patient from just thinking about it to actually taking action by coming in.

They are quick lessons with  laser focus on your marketing process and ideas to get you started.

And with this first one we’re grabbing people’s attention right off.  If you nail this one, you will be lightyears ahead of all your competitors.

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