Getting Scrappy in Your Dental Practice to Grow

[June 26, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #23:  [Getting Scrappy In Your Dental Practice To Grow]

My dad was a super resourceful guy.

He was a machinist by training, and he could fix or solve any problem that was mechanical. I was about 10 when I realized there were actual places you could go to buy parts (True story!) because up until then, I had only seen him fabricate anything he needed out of metal or plastic to take care of the situation.

We had a 20 foot lathe in his shop.  And there were squiggly metal and plastic shavings all over the floor most of the time.  I thought they looked  like curls so I would sweep them up and try to attach them to my dolls hair to create a new style.

My dad taught me firsthand that being scrappy was a powerful asset.

As dental  practices are learning to ramp up again, being scrappy is a game changer in your success.  Dental practice math dictates you need to take in more than you spend.  And to achieve both of these things during this time, you’ve got to dig a little deeper by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

If you’re looking to get more patients or increase your case conversion, you have two options when you’re scrappy.

  1. You have to determine systems or resources do you need to add to your arsenal right now to get you to your next level
  2. And, you need to evaluate what systems or resources that are not functioning at the moment that you need to fix or drop in the office.

On this week’s podcast episode of “Dental Mental”,  we’re getting scrappy to point out where your wasting your time, energy, and money right now in your dental practice and how to fix it so you can make better decisions so you can go  faster, further, and do it easier.  Listen in above.

Let’s get scrappy.

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