$100000 Worth of Marketing Analysis for (almost) Free

[June 19, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 22:  [$100000 Worth of Marketing Analysis for (almost) Free]

Business is math.

There’s no denying it.  To succeed, you have to take in more than you spend.  And if you don’t, you can’t continue long term.  Pretty simple.

But exactly how you do that is where the confusion is.  So, we go looking for answers.

Data gives the insight to make better decisions.   As exciting as it is to believe that we all have a 6th sense that determines our future, cold hard info is the king here.

I remember taking a ‘perfect match’ test back in college; think of it as a scaled-down Match.com.  (I can tell you it was so long ago that it was printed on dot-matrix paper) I answered a few questions about my likes and for $5, I got a list of potential dates who also voluntarily participated in this experiment.

I should have saved my $5 bill.  Because the information on this sheet was worthless.

I’ve seen businesses waste precious money and time buying similar data lists that were a bedazzled version of my perfect match test.  When in fact, there was all the information they needed right there under their noses.   They just have to pull it out.

On the Podcast

This week’s episode of  The “Dental Mental” Podcast, I walk you through the EXACT steps, I use with my private clients to identify their practices’ profit centers, how to ethically ‘clone’ their best patients (no test tubes involved) and use the intel for future marketing/referrals/social proof/success stories to make better decisions and save money.

I’m giving you a step-by-step plan (and scripting) to do this in about 10 minutes/day over one week for the cool cost of about $100 and a little of your time.  Listen to the episode above.

I also share how someone (not you, right?) can screw it up by thinking too much like a dentist.

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  • How your profit and loss statement is not reflect the true value of your practice (and it’s worth more than you think.)
  • Upleveling your team’s skills to propel the practice through.
  • And Much, Much, MORE. GingerBratzel.com/Ignite


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