4 Types of Dental Patients and What They Want

[June 12, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 21:  [4 Types of Dental Patients and What They Want]

People are overwhelmed

As our economy is coming back online, it’s not quite ‘business as usual.’  Life is more complicated.  There are new rules and I’m not talking infection control regulations at the dental office, just everyday life in general.

Have you been to the grocery store lately?  There are traffic patterns you’re supposed to follow on the floor! Who would have imagined that 3 months ago?   I feel like I’m crossing the taxi way at LAX trying to find the north runway when I just need to run in and pick up some milk.

Life is less autopilot and more processing, so our brains are cluttered with so many things.

And that level of cerebral computing squeezes out the higher level decisions like getting your needed dental care.

During this economic recovery, there are different categories of patients, in different parts of their dental journey.

And each needs something specific from you and your dental team to help them through this experience.  We break down the characteristics of each, what they’re looking for, and what actions you need to be doing NOW and, in the future, to increase clarity, build connection, and get acceptance.

Listen to the full episode with a breakdown of each.

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