Marketing Like A Mother


[January 31st, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #2:  [Marketing Like A Mother]


Being a Mother Marketer

I’m talking like a mother “mutha”, as in hardcore, getting the job done whatever it takes…

BUT also happens to be on the booster club and draws hearts on notes she puts in your lunch. <3

Tough and soft all rolled into one.

So we’re focusing on marketing like a mother today; which I am. I have 2 children and my oldest is a senior this year. My kids have kept me super busy. And while they were growing up, I had to do something I SWORE I WOULD NEVER DO… get a minivan.

I hated it.

I thought my life was over.

And when it came time to sell it (YIPEE), I was looking at trying to position a non-exciting, highly commoditized used car as something interesting (BOO). Not the best circumstances for me.

But I didn’t let that discourage me. I came up with a plan. I took my years of marketing experience to create an ad that made my used minivan a solution to a problem that plagues families everywhere.

I did the impossible…I made a minivan desirable and a little sexy.

Within 4 hours, the minivan sold without the person even seeing it. Here is the actual ad I put together:

Children! God’s little blessings? You see I question that because there’s a lot of stuff you don’t think about when you decide to have kids.

Things like how loud they are.

And how much they cost.

And don’t forget how much of your life you give up taking care of your little darlings.

I’ve got 2 of the little ankle-biters. A boy and a girl and they fight nonstop. Getting in the car and driving somewhere was a
nightmare because of the bickering and yelling.

“He’s on my side.”

“She’s touching me.”

And plus, I’m taking them and all their friends all over tarnation.

A few years ago I had it up to my neck, so I had to do something to save my sanity. I had to get more room to separate my ‘brats’ and carry all their stuff.

So I did something I never thought I would. I cashed in my cool card and I got a minivan.

But not just any minivan. I had to make sure momma was taken care of in this whole deal. I wanted to ride in style so I got the black leather interior and the best entertainment system I could buy at the time so my prodigy would leave me and each other alone. And if this was my car, my little monsters weren’t going to trash it. It was going to stay pristine or they would be riding on the luggage rack!

It turned out to be a pretty sweet ride. I even named her “Minnie.” And I didn’t sacrifice on power ever. My minivan flies down the highway to get me and the family there so I’m never late.

Now, why would I tell you all of this? Well… my oldest is about to graduate and he’s going to be out of my hair…and my car… so I can spread the love to another family by selling my minivan.

My super clean, well taken care of momma-mobile is looking for a new family. And I love my vehicles so this one has had great tires, regular service, and has been kept clean.

Then, I listed all of the normal details and features about my minivan and finished things off with this:

I don’t want to play games (remember, I’m tired and I don’t have time for that because of these dang kids.) I just looked on Facebook and everyone is trying to sell a similar van (that hasn’t been loved like my baby) for much more. Maybe I’m the crazy one and I should ask for more. But if you want to try to haggle me down, I wouldn’t. Don’t waste your energy because I’ve gotten really good at saying ‘NO’ and walking away through lots of practice with these two kids.

Now at this point, you might be a little concerned about me going through a big transition like one kid leaving the house and me giving up my dependable car. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I will be okay. I still have the little sister for a few more years which is going to be a wild ride, but I think I can handle taking her on 1-on-1.

I got immediate responses, with very FEW questions or resistance. People were telling me “I want it, I’ll buy it right now!”

Let’s take a minute and break the ad down. I started by talking about my personal experience, put the audience in the same situation and then brought it back at the end.

Marketing like a ‘mother mutha’ is about being real, sharing your feelings. The interest and response was high. And it sold well over my asking price because there was hype and sense of urgency to purchase before someone else does.

Think about something in your personal life, something that has happened to you. Write down all the emotions you had, what you felt, what you learned about it. Get in touch with that emotional side of things.

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