Survival guide for dental practices

[May 22, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode18:  [Survival guide for dental practices]

Surviving and thriving

I remember in my lifeguard class way back in the day, we did survival swimming.

They had us show up in full clothing.  Long sleeved buttoned up shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers.  We were lined up on the edge of the pool listening to our instructor, Chris, tell us you need to be prepared for anything at any time.  He said you never know when something is going to happen.

Just at that moment, the other lifeguards snuck up behind us and pushed us all into the deep end of pool at the same time without warning and we we’re forced to ‘sink or swim.’

Chris yelled at us to calm down and remember our training.  We immediately began treading water and kicking off our heavy shoes.  Then we blew air into our shirts for a makeshift life preserver to keep us afloat.  And then finally, we took our jeans off and tied the ends of the legs.  With one moment we threw them over our heads like a windsock to trap air in the legs and used them as a floatation device.

Even when you are properly trained, it’s sometimes hard to execute everything exactly as designed.  Outside factors put extra stress on you and it’s physically exhausting.

But you have to do it to survive even when it’s uncomfortable.

That’s where we’re at as an industry in dentistry right now. And as practices open back up, the terms of engagement have changed.

In some practices, there has been an early rush of waiting patients to come back in. But soon that will taper off.  And unless you have an active marketing and conversion plan happening right now that is tailored to the current situation, many practices are still going to struggle.

During this week’s episode of the “Dental Mental” podcast, we tackle what 4 things need to be in all your marketing right now. And why your systems have to be solid (just like my survival swimming lesson) so there is no hesitation when it’s time to take patients through the conversion process.

We will discuss some examples and ideas so you can work with the rest of your office on making sure you are prepared.

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