Making Competition Irrelevant

[May 15, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 17:  [Making Competition Irrelevant]

While I don’t consider myself a movie fanatic, I’ve seen my fair share.  And I’m reminded of it when I come across one from my past as I’m flipping channels on the TV.

I recently revisited “Back to the Future II” while couch surfing where Biff gets ahold of the sports atlas of the outcome of all the games in history and uses it to amass a huge fortune.

People talk about this concept all the time after the fact.  “If I knew about (insert tech company name here), I would have got in on the ground floor.”

It’s always easy to say that after the fact.  The trick is to recognize those opportunities in the moment.

And friend, we are in that moment of your dental practice.

Up until two months ago,  I was getting calls and messages from dentists all over the country, like:

  • “I’m in a really competitive area, what do I do?”
  • “Corporate dentistry is growing in my area and people are price shopping.”
  • “The guy down the road is doing this fancy marketing thing. I need to do that too.”

Even as the world has changed, the fight for your patients’ attention hasn’t gone away.  But every business has taken their eye off the ball…including your so called ‘competition.”

Here’s your moment to create your NEW position in the marketplace as we redefine the business of dentistry. Regardless of your location and demographics, you can get in on the ground floor of your new direction.

You get to make up the rules and set the stage as you pivot, without compromising care.

In this week’s podcast episode of “Dental Mental” , we’re going to go over ways to create a new USP for your practice that builds trust for patients and paints the way to your door.

Just like that Google tip situation, you only have a short time to set this up before everyone else catches up.  Listen in, take notes, and implement.

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