Dental practice opportunities during COVID-19

[May 8, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 16  [Dental Practice Opportunities during COVID-19]

Life is hard!  I know it.  You know it.  Everyone knows it.

But here’s the deal-e-o,

Why do people act surprised when it gets hard like it all came out of the blue?

To build muscles, you have to work at it and that’s physically painful at times.  We want to quit and it’s easier to lay down in the fetal position under a table then rather continue.

But if you want the results, you keep moving…even when you’re tired and sore. And you dedicate yourself to the process.

I live in the central part of the US.

In tornado alley.

And it can get scary sometimes.  But we have a plan and keep moving.  If/when something bad happens, we DEAL with it.  We are conditioned to rise up and get to work for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

We are stronger because of it.

There is goodness that comes out on the other end.

I’m a student of human behavior.  Afterall, that’s what good marketing really is.  Analyzing patterns and removing obstacles to help people get from where they are now to where they want to be.

During this pandemic, I have seen some brilliant business ideas in other industries come to light.  Concepts and systems that probably wouldn’t have been implemented otherwise because everyone was complacent with the old status quo.

Right now, I’m seeing so many opportunities for businesses…businesses like your dental practice.  But it requires a person to work through the pain and embrace the unknown.

Let’s dive into your opportunities.

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