The New Normal

[April 17, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 13:  [THE NEW NORMAL]

Things are changing.  That’s an understatement.  From the evening news to the dentistry groups on Facebook, there is a lot of doom and gloom out there.

Are things rough right now?  You betcha.

Do you need to make some changes?  Absolutely.

Will it last forever? Nope.

But where to focus your attention right now is the first step in correcting our industry’s current trajectory.

The phrase “the new normal” is flying around like frisbees at a dog park.  What does that really mean?

There are two parts of ‘ the new norm.’ 
First, the current status.

What we’re doing in the current situation is our first plan of attack.   We need to be flexible to handle what’s coming next.  And we need to take proactive steps now to sustain and protect what we’ve built up personally and professionally to this point during this uncertain time period.

There are opportunities that have been created and many businesses are jumping to serve people during this time. Here are only a few examples:

  • Take out instead of dining in services
  • Delivery services and curbside access for businesses that have been traditional brick and mortars
  • New access avenues for businesses that previously only survived with walk in traffic
  • New ways of communicating with customers/clients/students/patients via virtual access

Look around you.  You’re in a big laboratory of business models doing different things right now that you can learn from and adapt to YOUR own dental practice!

And the second part of ‘the new norm” is the additional directions businesses will take using this experience as a dropping off point for new services and business models that SERVES their customers better when this is over.

These business owners will leave what wasn’t working for them in the past and quickly take on new options that customers are looking for.

Right now, there are dental practices that won’t survive this and then there many that are serving their communities well right now to create stability.

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