3X3X3 Matrix

[April 10, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode 12:  [3X3X3 Matrix Method]

First off, how are you doing?  How are you hanging in there?

I know it’s hard.

True confession, I know I’ve been feeling a little out of whack with everything that is going on but I know I need to keep moving forward.  And once I get working on something, I start to feel better.

Since 2020 is on its way and things are a little off course in the world, it’s key to set up some parameters.

If you don’t watch it, you will completely lose any momentum you’ve already built.

If you are just seeing emergency patients or if your office is completely closed during COVID-19, you still need to keep your focus on your practice. And when you get to go full service again, you’re ready.

And that takes planning.

I’ve been a planner all my life.  I’m pretty sure I got my first day planner at age 7.  It sat open on my dresser with my ‘schedule’ for the day all marked off.  My mom laughed and thought it was a phase but it’s something I continue to do…every day.

As I got to different levels in my life, I realized that To-Do lists where only gratifying my sense of checking things off.  I could have 2 things or 100 of them, the number of which had nothing to do with my results or outcomes.  Afterall, I knew I was already overwhelmed so adding more to it wasn’t going to improve the situation.

So, I started thinking about planning as a metrics of productivity vs a list of busy tasks.  Once I got focused on what really needs to happen, (and what I could ignore), I got tangible results.

I noted my clients where going through the same thing.  And we couldn’t implement a vital key step in their practice until we took something off their plates.  As a result, we got laser focused on what was really important.

And I found that most people could handle three key things at a time and hit their practice goals which gave rise to my 3X3X3 Matrix ™ Method.

I recorded this episode before the COVID-19 pandemic but it is still relevant to habits you need now and in the future.

On this week’s episode of “Dental Mental”, I breakdown the key areas of the 3X3X3 Matrix™ Method so you can apply it your day, week, quarter, and year.

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