Standing Out In A Positive Way In The Current Crisis

[March 26th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #10:  [Standing out in a positive way in the current crisis]

We pause this current situation for this important update….


I know you’re going through a lot.  I know you have more unanswered questions than you think you can handle. But I assure you, you can do this.

This current situation has a theme and it’s “P-I-V-O-T!”

Things are changing fast and you mentally have to also. 

One thing I know about dentists, in general (and YEP…I’m talking about me, too!) is we like to know EVERYTHING from start to finish before we start.  We want to know all the possible outcomes and have options for those. 

We want guarantees on the final results.

But guess what?

That’s impossible.  As parents, when our kids demonstrate those same behaviors, we tell them that there is no way to see everything coming down the pike.  There is no way we can always predict the future.

We tell them to do their best and we will handle what comes next.  We teach them to take action and prepare them, as caring parents as best as we can, and then we wait to see what happens and adjust from there. And we show them that we love them.

That lesson is not just for the parent-child relationship.  It’s for the human experience.

It’s time to take your dentist hat off and put on your good neighbor cap.  We don’t do business with teeth.  We treat people and people are looking to their community leaders (and that’s YOU!) for guidance and inspiration in these rapidly changing times.

There are so many things you can do to help your community and your business. 

But one thing that you can’t afford is to do nothing!  You have to move.  You can’t wait this one out.

It’s about taking flexible action that can (and will) be adjusted as we go along.  Right now, our patients are confused and overwhelmed.  They are looking for support.

And even though we are in the age of “social distancing” that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be connecting with them to help.

In this episode, I share a technique that 100% of the practices in the country can do.  (WARNING, but only 1-10% will actually do it.  Will that be you?)

We discuss:
  1. how to support your local community OUTSIDE of the dental office
  2. showing up as a model of community leadership without holding any elected position
  3. and how the power of your positivity and presence impacts your practice’s future financial success.

It’s people first, profits second.  This is a timely episode and you can’t afford not to listen to this one.

Sending lots of love to our dental community and the entire world,  we will do this together.

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