Starting the New Year Right



[January 24th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #1:  [Starting the New Year Right]

Welcome to 2020!


The new year means new things, new goals! You’re of course gonna hear about the cliche New Year’s resolutions – weight loss, fix relationships, etc…we all have things that we’ve let slip for the holidays, or even longer. Some things have reached the point of no return.

Two areas to focus on in 2020

Area #1

Most people try to add more to their plate. But if you want to get real and address what’s going on, it’s not really about what we’re doing. It’s about what you need to stop doing.

Before you bring on more, you need to declutter. You can’t add more without letting something go. We tend to hold onto things for emotional reasons, not logical reasons. We’ve all heard:

”That’s the way it’s always been done…”

It’s always harder to let go instead of pick up. We’re constantly dragging our security blankets and pacifiers around. It’s time to let go of the things that are holding us back and make things happen.

The first step to move forward is to create a plan. Take a look at all the things that you are supposed to do during the day. When you have that list of things, ask yourself “is this really serving the greater good”.

Area #2

My son is a senior in high school. He’s on the Speech & Debate team and is a fantastic speaker. His coach and I talk about some of the same things that I talk to my private clients related to what’s holding people back from their full potential.

Their team has done very well but no matter how much their coach tries to teach the students, it all boils down to whether they have the information they need in their head and their heart. And because of their success, other teams have criticized the coach & the team.

When we are challenged, we will find something wrong with the other person to make ourselves feel better. This is a survival mechanism. It can often feel like you have a target on your back.

In your dental practice, you have to be ready for the criticism. It may be from friends, family, employees, community, etc. Negative comments are going to happen but we can welcome it and be prepared to respond appropriately.

So, I want you to play a bigger game. Be all that you can be. We’ve all given unique abilities, use them. Don’t play small.


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