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[[January 17th, 2020] by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Episode #:  Welcome to Dental Mental

Introducing…Dental Mental Podcast


If you know me, I’m committed to the long haul in bringing you big picture ideas on practice growth and what it takes to run a successful practice so you can help more people.


We aren’t about selling dentistry.  It’s about building relationships with your community and delivering the care they want and need.


If you’re not familiar with my story.  I am a dentist, too.  And right out of dental school, I purchased a failing practice.  I was aware there were issues when I bought it, but I made the (false) assumption in that everything will just change when Dr. X leaves, and I step in there with my shiny new dental degree.

And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


I struggled for years. I was told by the dental community to just pay my dues and then miraculously everything would be just fine…eventually.


But things didn’t change.


I spend a lot of time and money going about building my business the wrong way for years.  I would purchase more equipment and supplies because the dental suppliers told me having X, Y, Z machine in my office would make people flock in like crazy. Or I dove into continuing education but all that happened was I got more initials after my name.


I even built an expensive, high tech office.




So, I had to do things…different!


That’s what I share with you. If you have been in practice for 5 years or 40, there are challenges and levels at every stage.  And that’s what we will deal with.  Together, head-on, right here.


And to roll out this mission in a bigger way, we are introducing the brand new Dental Mental podcast in 2020.  I’ve been delivering these weekly trainings via video for several years but now we are going to step it up and get it to your smartphone so you can listen on the go from anywhere.


We’re going to cover the 3 cores:  The Marketing, The Management, and The Mindset of running and owning a dental practice.  And we are going to talk about proven strategies and building sustainability so you can do more of what you are meant to do…treat people and change their lives for the better.



This is Episode O (as in Ground Zero), where I give you some of the background of where we’re going.  I can tell you we have lots of goodies in the pipeline to make sure we deliver this content to you each week, just like we’ve done for over 8 years.


It’s going to be great.


So, WELCOME to Dental Mental.  I look forward to being on this journey WITH YOU.


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