Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing




Okay, I have to admit, I was having a little too much fun getting a little crazy when I shot the video for today.
But I really wanted to get the points across by giving you a list of common mistakes I see in mobile marketing (not just in dentistry, across all professions) so you can get a leg up on the competition by implementing these strategies in your office.

Don’t #1: Mobile marketing isn’t an excuse to ignore all the other rules of marketing. I’ve talked in other videos about the need to identify your target audience, what to offer, having a compelling message, follow-up, and conversion. You probably want to take a quick trip to watch these for a little review. 

All of these steps are very important. Mobile is there to enhance the ‘golden rules of marketing.”

Do’s #1: Make sure you have mobile marketing added as another means of contact to make it easy for prospects to start the process. Again, I’ve covered many ways of adding mobile by doing this with short code keywords, proper use of QR codes to mobile sites, and having an irresistible offer with a clear call to action and an expiration date.

Don’t #2: Don’t advertise too many things in one marketing piece. Make sure the campaign has one central service listed in terms of features, it connects to a mobile marketing page and finally, the offer is consistent with the message. 

Don’t #3: Using QR code to send them to your general website in ‘mini’ version to get lost with too many services listed. Again, emphasis one thing and your mobile page is only offering this one thing with the offer.

Don’t #4: Put a QR code on a marketing piece where they don’t have Internet service to go to your page instantly. Placing a QR code on a marketing piece that someone would see in the subway of NYC is not a good idea because they will not be able to get to your mobile page (or in a airplane magazine- that one drives me nuts!) and they won’t come back later when they have service. 

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