Don’t Be a Victim, Be a Victor

(Personal Note from Ginger: This is a very important video, PLEASE watch to the very end for information you can use in your practice as well as the impact you can make by taking action.)

As you may or may not know, we are headquartered in Oklahoma City. And we have been affected by some of the disheartening things that have happened here over the past few weeks. While that is painful, I did want to share with you the wonderful things I have also seen happen here that all of us can benefit from.
I love Oklahoma and its people!

Oklahoma is a beautiful state, but the people here are the real jewels. They are strong, generous, and genuine and it doesn’t matter if you personally know someone because everyone is going to still going to treat you like their friendly neighbor. The whole state acts as one little community with everyone lending a helping hand and pitching in to help each other out when needed. And this is one of those times.

Natural disasters happen everywhere, not just here. But when they do happen, everyone is affected. Right now, Oklahoma needs your help.
The Lessons Learned In the Oklahoma Tornados and How They Affect Your Dental Practice and Life
The real lesson learned here for every dentist is that we need to live our life with a purpose and on purpose everyday. And there are 7 lessons I would like to share with you that relates to everyone’s lives and growing our businesses.

1.     There is no “victim” mentality-only victors. One of the things I like about this place, even before these events happened, is that no one is crying about the economy or a raw deal. They just get it done.
2.     Live with purpose and passion. In Oklahoma it’s God and family, community, College football and then the OKC Thunders. We are a loud city because everyone contributes. The first people to assist on site after the devastation were not FEMA, but the churches and their disaster teams.
3.     Continued…For details on the rest of Lessons #3-7, please watch the full video to the end to see how you can create an impact.


I invite you to adopt the “OK Standard” and get involved. Oklahoma will rebuild and we plan on contributing to the rest of the world, but we are in need now.  At this point, honestly, help needs to be in the form of money, whatever you can contribute would be appreciated it.  I am asking you to help our community and a deserving group of people.

Here are two charities that we see on the ground contributing to the Oklahoma tornadoes victims that we recommend and ask for your help in supporting.
1.  Victim Fund for Children, Families and Staff of Moore Public Schools
This fund is designated for the group of people that were hit the hardest by the May 20 Oklahoma Tornado, the students and teachers of Moore Public School.  None of these funds are going to the school district; and they will all go to the victims to help them in their time of need.
2.  United Way of Central Oklahoma
This fund benefits all the people across the state that was affected by the 12 days of tornados throughout Oklahoma and is coordinated by the United Ways program.
I hope you can help.
With a heartfelt “Thank You”,

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