Doing What You SAY You Are Going to Do?


My hubby, Ron, consults in dental hygiene offices around the country.  We are the exact opposite of the typical husband/wife combo (a female dentist with husband hygienist)  in dentistry but it has given it unique insight into practice development and growth.


 He went to hygiene school years after I opened my practice when we saw a huge demand for motivated, quality, patient care oriented hygienist.  (He should have done it sooner.  He is fantastic at it!)


We were at a point where things were really taking off in the practice but there was still a huge void in the hygiene department that we couldn’t turn around until we had an insider in hygiene steering the change.  So Ron decided he was the one to do it and went to hygiene school.


We had a running joke because it is a common belief that some hygienists can be Prima Donnas that keep the office on high tension with their demands.   But we had a “Prima Ron-na” in our office that was only there to treat patients, grow a successful clinical team, and contribute to the office’s success.

Ron sometimes comes home frustrated after a consulting visit and has stories about offices that are so close to achieving everything they want but lacking the one thing that is standing in their way.  AND  it has been there for years.


This obstacle is usually something moderate in size and more like a hurdle rather than a monstrous mountain.  Yet…they don’t take action and get over it!


They think they need some kind of magic bullet to make change happen.


“What’s Your Magic Bullet?”


EVERYONE is always looking for that magic bullet.   Everywhere.  Every day.


The one simple thing you need to do to lose 20 pounds.


The trick you need to make an extra million dollars in the next 2 years.


The secrets to turn back the clock and look 15 years younger without plastic surgery.


Magazines rely on this to sell us glossy page dreams. The cosmetic industry is based on this whole concept to make women run to the cosmetic counter or the drugstore for another jar of glop.


And unfortunately, scammers are out there preying on our desires to make a quick exit with our money.

In reality, there isn’t One Thing “out there” that is going to solve our problems.



Because it’s “inside us” and we are our own magic bullet.


So many doctors want their teams to be motivated to grow the practice by recommending care that patients already need.  But the doctors often say that their team members “don’t like to sell or be pushy.”


I don’t know about you, but any medical professional who is in charge of treating me or any member of my family better always recommend the best option for our health!  Period.


That’s not ‘selling’, that’s the standard of care and we demand it.


And that same health professional better remove all the obstacles to make sure my family or I can get that recommended best care.


They better have quality systems in place to make scheduling easy, well trained staff to answer our questions, pain control for all stages of treatment, and financial options to make care accessible.


These are all manageable hurdles for you in your practice with the proper systems and guidance to get there.


If you want change, you have to commit to change.  By having the integrity to do for you what you say you want to do is the true magic bullet to any transformation.


That’s where Ron comes in during his visit.  He sees the real problem.  And he sees what’s hanging them up (and most of the time it’s all between their ears), gives the system to make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be going, builds their confidence to handle anything that comes along,  and makes them accountable to each other for the office’s success.


Change isn’t easy but it is manageable.


Having a road map and guide makes the journey easier sometimes.  But you still have to be committed to the change.