Dental Team Success For More New Patients

Tips For Team Success

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One really important part of any kind of growth or marketing process and just a total business prospect point in general is the team member. No one can achieve the level the success or growth without a team. We need a great team on board to fulfill this.

So how do you go about it?

How do you get out of the best results for your mobile marketing?

I’ve found offices with very strong involvement from the team have the best result. So it is so important to discuss them.

What does team means?

What things you need in place?

On Going Training

Team members have to be properly trained. Even if they have been there for a while or you just recently trained them, they need to be constantly toned and be re-trained. Think like that in a shower. You take one and you are not good forever.  The smell comes back. Do you want to keep everything fresh and working in your office?

You need to make sure that you are constantly training people. Office meetings are for that, not for gripe sessions. They are for trainings and to keep things improving working on how can we make better.

If they don’t have the proper training, the best teams are going to fail.


One thing very important is that they have to be track-able and accountable. So how can you do that? It is so important to make them part of the practice or keep them involved. You have to give them some ownership of the problem, by letting them know that they are responsible. It is everyone’s job to get new patients in and know how to convert new prospects over the phone. Everyone from hygienist to back office people to front office people, it’s everyone’s role in the office, including the doctor, to always converting.


The last segment that is equally important is incentivizing. Although you are paying the members well enough for their job, why not give bonuses when they are doing more to grow. Bonuses are a way to show gratitude for contributing to the success. When you write a ton of bonus checks it means that the team brought a lot in for you. So it is a way of rewarding them.

One of the easy bonus system is the $25 conversion system. Their job is to get the patients  in over the phone, through email, or any system of marketing to the office. If that person tracked all the new prospects to come through,  talked to and made that connection through email, phone or text to those who had interaction with her, and then when they finally show up for the appointment, that is when he can get her $25.

Because it is up to you, doctor , at that point to convert them into patients. They did their job; they got them into your door, so that you can do your magic.  You take it the rest of the way.

As a recap, the team has to be trained, make them accountable and incentivize them along with giving them resources they need to succeed. Through these steps, you can be sure to have a total business and marketing results.