Nothing Gets Done Without A Deadline

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Nothing Gets Done Without A Deadline]


Great to be with you where we talk about business strategies for your service-based business and service provider business.  And all week, I’ve been teasing about the use of deadlines and timing and how important those components are.

Deadlines are so important. And I can prove it to you.

Without a deadline, nothing gets done. And if you need to write something down, that’s the key for you.

If we don’t have a written down as a deadline, it won’t get done. Because there are so many other distractions for our customers or prospects.

But when we think about our business, I want you to put this in perspective as a service provider.  Your most precious resource, your most precious currency is the currency of time.

Because what you do as a service-based provider, and a service-based business you are selling your expertise in the unit of currency used is time.

When somebody comes out for a service call, they might have a checklist of what they did.  But that fee for that service is all figured on a basis of time. You’re exchanging what you know to do solve a problem for them. When you commission artists, they’re not selling paint, you’re buying the currency of that person’s expertise time.

Be really respectful of the concept of time for yourself and others. It’s about framing it, which deadlines are an extension of that concept.

 Deadlines aren’t to manipulate people.  Deadlines are always with authenticity, compassion, and integrity.

It takes guts to honor and use deadlines in all aspects of your life and business.  You should have deadlines in areas like your quotes and your estimates with compassion and transparency. When you give someone an estimate to do something, you’re not trying to manipulate them into doing something unethically. Rather it’s to kindly inform then it’s not a never-ending offer.

When we discuss estimates with people, we’re very open and upfront.  The conversation goes like this.  “You know, this is what we anticipate. I will honor this estimate for 90 days, no pressure, if this is what you want to do, we’re here to help you. At this point, I can give you this estimate at this point. But beyond that time, then we’ll have to go back and have to reevaluate.”

It just helps people making that happen. It simplifies things in their minds.  When people have too much time or too many decisions, they do nothing.

Deadlines should be in all aspects of your business:  marketing offers, your schedule times, etc.

Your big lesson for this week is to identify where you should have deadlines, and what deadlines you need to be making with yourself.

We can help you put those components together to build structures from start to finish with the authenticity and integrity to help more people and leverage your business.    Reach out to my team and when can talk more.

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