People Buy Based On Values

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [People Buy Based On Values]


And this week, we’ve been talking about why people buy, or more importantly, why they don’t buy.

Today’s topic is about Value, and Value is not a dollar amount.

Value is an emotional word.

When somebody doesn’t buy, or you’re concerned that they’re looking for a lower cost, it’s because they didn’t find Value in what you’re recommending. Whether it’s presenting a proposal, an estimate, or a treatment plan, whatever the appropriate term is for your business, when they choose not to do it, it’s because the Value of doing it with YOU was not established.

When Value is not established, they’re looking down the street to somebody who else offers similar types of services, trying to compare apples to apples.

If I have a tangible item like a cooler and I go to three stores, I can directly compare. But with a service-based business, it’s not obvious what the differences are and that creates a disconnect if a value proposition that resonates with the customer is not established.

For a service-based business, you’ve got to get out of that commodity business, you can’t be just like everybody else. If you’re running your business similar to the industry norm, and you’re not doing anything unique, you put yourself at a disadvantage. You put yourself in a commodity column and it’s easy for them to dismiss what you have to offer. Customers can’t see the difference.

The mistake most service-based businesses make is to emphasize the wrong things.

They put the emphasis on how great their business is, they of equipment, or how great their owner is.  They try to tell you about the history of the company that has no value proposition for the customer.

The term “Value’ refers to what customers’ needs or wants are to enhance their lives or overcome an obstacle.  Write this down.


By knowing that information for your ideal customer (IC), you can align your services and business to fill that need.

Different people value different things, in different circumstances.

Is it security?




I want you to think about the customer value proposition. How you are different than others in your field?  And how are you going to stand apart?

Each one of our businesses has a sweet spot. It’s all different for each of us. By building value in our office that serves our sweet spot will make each of us very successful.

If we can help you figure out the value proposition and build your business and your marketing campaigns, where you’re attracting more of those types of clients, please reach out to us. Let’s have a Get Acquainted Call.   Reach out to my team by email and we’d be glad to get on the phone and talk about how to build your value proposition that works and how to close more clients.

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