Customer Service

Sometimes a little can go a long way…so why not make patients want to come back to a good experience?

Customer Service is extremely important when attracting more patients and growing your practice.  So make sure that your patients want to keep coming back to your office by offering something that no one else can.

It’s not enough to just think outside the box anymore, but it does help.  Something that will never change in any practice is that people are more likely to become long time patients and even refer your services if they had a good experience at your office.

This is something that is easy to do, but often overlooked.  Sometimes just a friendly attitude and good telephone etiquette can greatly improve the tone and atmosphere of the office.  It’s also good to go the extra mile if you can, just to set yourself and your practice apart from the guy down the street.  Make them remember you by giving them an experience that they can’t forget.

Getting Started: Customer Service In Growing Your Dental Practice


  • Communication With Dental Patients

how_to_improve_your_written_communication_skills Communication is key to any relationship and that includes the relationship that you have with your patients.  You can only help them if you understand what their needs and wants are.  Read more…



  • Phone Skills To Increase Cosmetic New Patients

happy phone call No one wants to call a dental office to make an appointment and not be sure if they called the right place or deal with a rude receptionists.  For some people, this may be their first experience with your office and you want to make it an easy and pleasant so they don’t have to feel like they’re doing all the work.  Take the hassle out for them so that all they have to do is come to their appointment.  Read more…


  • Creating Customer Service Levels For Dental Patients

75779978 Creating different levels of service can appeal to potential patients.  So it’s important that you set yourself apart from the competition by creating your own unique position by creating signature customer service levels.  Read more…



  • Celebrate Your Dental Patients

celebrate-500 The most important asset in your practice is your patients.  Celebrating your dental patients gives you the opportunity to honor and validate the relationship you have with your patients.  Read more…


And there’s more to come…


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