Creating Fuel For Your Creativity

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about the importance of having a dedicated time to feed your passions.

This week’s topic may not sound like it pertains to increasing your dental practice production right off hand but let me assure you, like I always do, it will wrap back around.  I wanted to give you a little food for thought on feeding your passions and how doing so can help you grow your dental practice.

Dealing with time management and schedules is a part of our lives.  With calendars on our phones and computers, there are constant reminders all over it seems sometimes.  And being a dentist running a business, management of time is a big part of what we do.  People rely on you to respect their time and we rely on others to respect ours, as well.

But when you are thinking of management and time, I want to you also incorporate the word passion.  Just like other important tasks you have on your calendar, your passion is something that needs to have a dedicated time to be fed and nurtured.


Click on the video image below to watch.

Passion is your fuel to feed your creativity.  To help you resolve issues to get you where you want to be.  In order to get that fuel, you have to feed your passions.

First step I want you to take some time and figure out what your passions are and stockpile them.  Then I want you to set a dedicated time to invest in feeding that passion.  When making your list, I want you to also think about your personal life.  Because if get more out of your personal time, then you can come back to the office and be a better doctor for your patients.

I always try to use these weekly ezines to get you to think outside of the box and get your gears turning.  Because when you step outside of your comfort zone, that is where real change and growth happens.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • How fueling your passion can grow your practice
  • How to find your professional and personal passions
  • To step out of the box of your thinking
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.