Creating Dental Practice Success Through Congruence

Dr. Ginger Bratzel pointed out how to be congruent in all aspect of your practice in order to attract and retrain more patients.

Today we are going to continue our 6-part series “Six C’s of Growing Your Business” and our next “C” is “CONGRUENCE”.

To instil trust in patients, your practice, must be consistent across everything you do. If they have a preconceived notion about your office from your marketing message, referrals from other patients, or from the exterior of your office that isn’t there, then they don’t believe you.

  • If you say you are ‘a gentle dentist’, but your hygienist is rough then they aren’t going to trust what you have to say next about their treatment plan needs. 
  • If you say you value them as patients, but you are always running late, then you aren’t  showing them respect. 
  • Or if you say you are a premier office, but your parking lot is filled with trash that blew in from down the street and your magazines are outdated, then there is a discrepancy between what you say and what you portray.

In this video we cover the things you must know to make sure that your marketing message is congruent to what your dental practice demonstrates.

  1. Make sure that your marketing matches your practice.
  2. Do a visual inventory.
  3. See things from a patient’s prospective.


Watch the video for the full details on how to grow your practice by making your marketing message congruent to your dental practice.

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