Converting patients on the telephone

The Power of the Telephone and How to Make the Best First Impression



The phone is a very powerful tool and is often a patient’s first impression of you and your practice. You only get one chance to make a good impression.

One way to look at is, is that each phone conversation is like a round of speed dating. You know the scene from a funny movie. Ladies are seated at tables and eligible single guys sit down and introduce themselves. And they’ve only got 5 minutes to make a good impression, then they have to move on.

When a prospective new patient calls your office, you’re playing your own version of the speed dating game to find out if you make a connection or not. You don’t blow your chance.

Click on the video image below to watch.

Pop question! Do you know how the phone is being answered at your office? Is the person smiling, excited and engaging when they answer the phone? 

 If the answer is no, you probably need to make some adjustments. When was the last time you mystery called your own practice? Maybe this person needs additional training, maybe there is someone else that would be more successful, or maybe you need to hire someone strictly to answer phones.

Take a few minutes to watch the full video above – do it for you and for your practice.