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Control “Freak” or Not?

Dr. Ginger Bratzel pointed out how to properly control your dental business and grow your practice.

We are in the 2nd part of our series “Six C’s of Growing Your Business” and we will be talking about “CONTROL”.

As a dentist, most of us really want to control all situations especially when it comes to our practice. We want to control the outcome for our patients’ treatment and we want to, of course, control our business. But the most important thing that you must know is what to personally do yourself and what to let go of.

In this video we cover the things that you should know to make sure that you get results from your practice and that it doesn’t control you:

  1. Leverage through delegation
  2. Provide resources
  3. Be the leader
  4. Give control to the right people to get it done


In this video we cover the proper ways to control your dental business and make sure to achieve your dental success.


Watch the video for the full details on how to control your dental business and see how you will grow your practice.