Common Mistakes in Text Marketing

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses what are the common mistakes in text messaging and how to make a good one.


Do you think mobile marketing rocks?

 At New Patient Attraction Automation, sure we do…

Text messaging is part of our lives already.  Ninety one percent of Americans have mobile phones and  according to research, 73% of adults report using text messaging.

Because text messaging or SMS (short message system) is very popular, it can be a wonderful tool in our practices.   But we also have to know what are our responsibilities are as users in order to avoid mistakes.

In this video we cover the tips for good text messaging and they are as follows:

  • Be respectful
  • Convert to opt-in
  • Text at appropriate times
  • Identify in text who it is from
  • Federal compliance instructions within text


Watch the video above for the full details and know the common mistakes in text marketing.

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