How to grow your business by committing (Road Trip edition)

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Grow Your Business by Committing (Road Trip edition)]

So today’s topic is the difference between being interested in growing, and being really truly committed to doing it.

And I think the best way to demonstrate that is to explain it in the terms of weight loss as an example.

When someone wants to lose weight, but then they say “I’m not going to change my diet. I’m not going to eat any less. I’m not going be more active. I’m not interested in my nutrition. But I want to lose weight.”   

We all know that’s not going to happen.

Interested people are focused on the short-term situation, they might call it discomfort. Versus the long-term gains if they follow through.

Going from interested to committed is a paradigm shift in your mental thinking.

When someone comes to me and said, “Hey, Ginger, I really want help building my business,” but every action they make is not congruent with their committed declaration, then there is a disconnect so they don’t reach their desired outcome.

Committed people are ready to do the steps, they’re willing to “TTP” which we call “Trusting The Process.”

Committed people are going to look at someone who’s been there before and who’s guided others to that point. With TTP, it means I’m going to do what it takes, and I don’t have to understand it all at this point, but I’m willing to be open and learn it as I go in.

So that’s what really be a big part of education. Committed people:
  • Trust their coach, they will do what needs to do even though if they don’t understand.
  • Don’t look at things as an expense. They look at it as an investment.
  • Don’t focus on the short term and accept the long-term plan.
  • Will do whatever it takes; they will find the way.
  • Will find 320 ways to afford what they need to achieve their goals.

I would love to help you get where you want to go and guide you through that process.

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