Bundling Services To Match Clients’ Needs

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Bundling Services To Match Clients’ Needs

I’m coming to you today in this training video to talk to you about one of our system and how to use it to handle the shift in life with everything that’s going on right now.

I’m going to teach you a framework today that you can use in the current situation and have it as a tool to use over and over in the future, as needed.


For the brain, when it sees an easy decision versus a harder decision, it will flow the easy way.

Bundling groups of benefits together makes it easier to process. You see it all the time. There are meal bundles, appliance bundles, vacation bundles…you name it.  

With the bundle framework system, you are going to group desirable services so it’s easier for your customer to say “Yes”.

How can we make that happen?

For the brain, when it sees an easy decision versus a harder decision, it will flow the easy way.

Bundles group benefits together are easier to process.  There are meal bundles, appliance bundles, and vacation bundles.  With this bundle framework system, you are going to group desirable services so it’s easier for your customer to say “Yes”.

First step: finding out what our customers want and need RIGHT NOW.

If we want to help the buyer make a decision, we first have to find out what’s holding them back.

I come from the world of dentistry. (In the past, I worked prolifically with dental practices to grow their businesses. I’ve taken my system and now help other service based businesses, too, to get more clients and leverage their businesses for growth. I’m going to share a few of them here.)

When a patient doesn’t accept care, the dentist will prematurely come to the conclusion, “They’re looking for something cheap”, or “If insurance doesn’t pay for it, it’s too expensive for them.” When in fact, the patient didn’t accept because they didn’t value it and it wasn’t clear to them.

To overcome objections like that, you have to get to the root of the matter.

For instance, let’s say you’re a financial planner.  People are struggling with the economy right now trying to figure out what to do.  They’ve worked really hard, and they saved a lot, and they’re seeing their funds diminish. That’s one thing that you need to know as a financial planner to help them through right now is what they need to feel in control in an uncontrolled situation.

So you build an financial assessment to find out where they are and where they need to be to feel like they got their desired results.

Step number two:

In this step,  I want you to brainstorm what you already offer or could offer, or do differently in your business that would solve that hassle or problem your customer is experiencing in Step #1?

We have one client who’s a realtor.  Buying and selling are stressful in a normal situation but try to move during COVID is tough!

While realtors do so much, my client packages other services under her commission to get the house sold without any extra work on the owner’s part so they can focus on the next stage of their journey.  Her bundle that solves a problem AND makes her stand out from everyone else in her industry.

She bundles extra perks in her services for her seller clients by providing professional photos, staging, and house cleaning (regardless of the home’s price point) so they get sold faster and for more than other houses in her area.

She coordinates all of it. She pays for it. All her clients have to focus on is their next home.

And Step Three:  Names Matter

 You’ve got to give your special bundle a name to stand out and create positioning in the market.

One of our dental clients was hearing from patients that they were concerned about coming back to the dentist during COVID.  Dentists are well trained in sterilization and keeping you safe but earning the trust of the patients was the most important thing for them to focus on.  So they added another 3 additional levels of air purification and decontamination to their already stringent infection control protocols above and beyond the CDC recommendations.  They wanted to make sure people felt safe so they would come back in after shutting down during the pandemic.

They called their bundle “Three Star Air Contamination Protection” and positioned the benefits in all their marketing and messaging to let people know.  And they offered the service at no added costs to patients and promoted it as an investment in safety.

So remember, to build your bundle:
  1. Find out what customers want and need RIGHT NOW
  2. Brainstorm what you can offer or do differently to solve their issues.
  3. Name it and explain why it’s unique and how it benefits them.

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