Bigger In 2021

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Tools To Be Bigger in 2021]


Hey there, Ginger with you today, and I’m dropping in to talk about being bigger in 2021. So I assume that you’re looking for a “reset” from 2020. And you deserve that.  We all deserve that.

This was a shuffle year; we’ll call it a ‘gap year’ in our development.  And we’re going to figure out what to do and move on. And so with the objective to be bigger in 2021, then you need the tools to do it.

 And one of the most powerful tools that keeps growing and getting traction every year is video. And video is something that’s just going to continue to grow.

Benefits of Video

Be yourself

One of the benefits is your opportunity to communicate with your ideal customer, client, or patient in a means where you can be yourself:  outside of your office and you get to convey this to them in a big way, in a virtual format.

We live in this virtual world, right now, it’s going to give you that opportunity to connect and function in it.


Number two, using that same virtual world, you get to leverage yourself. So if you do face to face sales, face to face consultations, or face to face patient visits, you can only do one at a time. There’s only one of you.

Video is a way to clone your message, speaking to many all at once.  But you still have the opportunity to make a connection and make it congenial and personal.

 In one to one conversations it’s like speaking through a tiny little microphone.  But with video, it’s like you have a big megaphone.   You can take one video, which we teach in our workshop, and turn it into 11 pieces of content.  Eleven pieces of content to get out into the search engines.  Eleven pieces of communication your ideal client would be interested in.

 SEO Friendly

And then the third benefit that most people overlook with video is how much it’s SEO friendly. Google owns YouTube, that’s a whole video platform acquired by a search engine giant.

There are more views on Facebook than there are posts read. And so all these mediums are pushing towards a video format.  It’s about communication, you don’t have to change who you are how you do it.  You don’t have to come up with a gimmick. It’s about communicating who you are.

 So, if you in the next year:
  • You are considering updating your website,
  • You want to do more social media
  • You’re looking at getting out there,
  • You want to expand your SEO- Search Engine Optimization,
  • You want to attract more your ideal customer, your client, or your patient
Then video is for you.

It’s not overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this big ordeal. It’s just having a system instead of throwing spaghetti up on the wall hoping it catches and sticks.

A system that turns one video that took you 5-10 minutes to create into 11 pieces of SEO and social media loving content.

Do you have enough time to write 11 blog articles each week?  But with a system that does the heavy lifting, you leverage one video and not have to do all that work.

Put a focus on video for the new year.

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