Best Time To Start

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [Best Time To Start]

At the time of this recording, my family and I are experiencing a historic ice storm that has caused massive property and economic damage, as well as disrupted life in general.  (No electricity, no school, business closures…It’s not a lot of fun right around here right now.)

And as we’re going through this whole situation, it really made me think about How this disruption is similar to what’s going on with the economy and how it can relate to your business.

Today of all days, smack dab in the middle of this ugly storm,  I had an important meeting scheduled that could understandably be canceled.  The meeting was for a big project we’ve been developing for months for a local business organization.  So it brings up the question:   Is this a good time to move forward with this right now or not?

This meeting has involved several players and it was tough to set up. Plus the project won’t start until we get through this phase.  With the weather being what it is, we could have easily cancelled it.

But I said, “No!”   Despite everything, we need to keep going.

With COVID, the down economy, and the sheer complexity of life right now, it’s too easy to say, “ I’ll wait until later when things are better.”

There is no later.  There is only now.

It’s more advantageous to take imperfect action now vs waiting for an anticipated better situation later.  Despite the difficulties we might be experiencing at the moment, we know the conditions now and we can accommodate them.

We have no guarantee things will be better in the future.

Our biggest currency is not money, it’s time.  And if we can start earning dividends now vs later, we should do it.

For this big project, I told you about, it’s critical to move NOW. They need it NOW and want to keep proceeding.   Life doesn’t stop for the economy (or the weather or ‘insert your reason here.’)  so we shouldn’t stop either.

  • Waiting for inspiration?
  • Looking for a time you feel like you’re up to it?
  • Want the economy to be better?

You will be waiting forever.

Just like planting a tree, the best time to do it is now.  Take action now for your business.

This is YOUR time to make it happen. The  4th quarter is still time to get momentum and put things into action for next year to start strong.

Start today.

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