Be A Community Leader…Not Just A Dentist

Dr. Ginger Bratzel discusses the role and responsibility as a dentist to

be a good leader of your community in good times and in bad.

During the next 6 weeks I will bring you a series that will help you grow your practice, have a better life and achieve all the goals that you want to do. I titled this series as “Six C’s of Growing Your Business”.

The first “C” that I want to share to you today is “COMPASSION and COMMUNITY” because those C’s go together.

Recently, our news has been rocked by tragic events that have traumatized our nation as well as our communities.

With all the things that have happened recently, we have to be aware how we can reach out to those people.

According to surveys, dentists are ranked as one of  the most trusted and compassionate professions.  And when ‘bad’ things happen, the community often looks to the dental professionals for advice and guidance. 

In this video, we cover the ways on how you can be of good help to your community,

  1. Be involved to what’s happening in your community
  2. Help as a community leader
  3. Set aside your dental marketing for  awhile 
  4. Help your neighbor in times of emergencies
  5. Be compassionate in all times


Watch the video for the full details on how to be a help and leader of your community and be involved as a true compassionate dentist.