Batteries Included Employees To Grow Your Dental Practice

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about hiring ‘battery included employees’ and what that means to you

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How many times have you purchased a new item for your home, and open this item only to find you are unable to use it as the batteries are not included?  So going forward you make sure to only buy items that are batteries included.  In building your team in your business this same thinking can apply.  As your dental practice grows and evolves, you need to bring on new employees. 

You want to make sure you are only hiring ‘batteries included employees’.

What might that mean when referring to your employees as batteries included?  These type of employees are there for you, they take initiative and ownership in their position.  They don’t require micromanagement.  You are secure in knowing they are doing the best job for you and your business.  These are the type of team members that can help you to ensure your dental practice will grow and prosper.

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Another situation you may encounter is finding that your long term employees no longer have the battery power they once did.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t a good employee in the past, but maybe over time their batteries have depleted.  Your dental practice may be growing in a new direction and they aren’t growing with you.  Let them move on to something better for them.  While allowing yourself to replace those depleted batteries with a new team member charged and ready for work for you!

In any growing business change is needed, and some times that change is finding batteries included employees or recharging the batteries of long term ones.

In this video, you’ll learn about:
  •  Importance of hiring battery included employees
  •  How battery included employees can help you
  •  Replenishing depleted batteries

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.

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