Authenticity and Transparency In Dental Marketing

Dr. Ginger Bratzel talks about how being authentic and transparent is important for attracting the right kind of patients in the right way.

We live in a prefabricated-plasticized world, so it’s important to just let it all go and be our true selves. That is why it is so important for us to be authentic and transparent in our business relationships especially with our patients and prospects.
What feels right to you? 
You don’t have to be like everyone else…be WHO YOU ARE if you want to attract the right patients for you. People can often see through any type of hype in front of them. Be different and be true to what you believe.
It will be refreshing to patients and prospects.  And it will attract them.
Let your marketing message and office reflect who you truly are. You would be surprised at the difference this will make to your stress level and your bottom line.
In this video, you’ll learn about:
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • How to market to the right people for your practice
Watch the video for the full details on how Authenticity and Transparency can help you build your practice, grow your practice and attract new patients.
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