(dup) Attracting Patients

We all know that attracting more patients is crucial to growing your practice, but how exactly do you attract the ideal patients for you?


It’s no secret that in order to grow a successful practice, there needs to be patients to cater to.  In this case it would be your target dental patients.

However, what does it take to get patients to come to you rather than to the competition?  We already know you have to stand out from the crowd, but now you needs to find ways to attract these patients. 

In other words, you want to get them to come to you rather than have to chase them down.  To do that, you need to find out where your target patients are, and start there.

Getting Started: Attracting Patients In Growing Your Dental Practice


  • Attracting More Dental Patients

attract customer There are correct dental marketing strategies to catch more new dental patients.  Yes, you want to attract more patients, but if you are marketing to the wrong people and in the wrong place, it will be harder for you to get any patients.  You need to be where your ideal patients are.  Read more…



  • Get More Dental Patients By Being A New Patient

new-patient-pic1 It’s important to know what it feels like to be a new patient, yourself, in order to gauge what a new patient might experience in your office.  There are some things we don’t think about as doctors, so it’s good to put ourselves in patients’ shoes to see what we can improve in our own patient attraction methods towards new patients.   Read more…


  • Demographic Data To Get More New Dental Patients

Demographics It’s good to get your marketing out there in a big way, but it might not always be profitable.  A good way to narrow down your list of target patients is through their demographic information.  Once you have an idea of which demographic of patients is more suited to your practice, you can spend your time specifically marketing to them.  Read more…



  • Planning for Seasonal Marketing

RetroCalendarTiltw.Arrows.pm_ It’s never too early to plan out your marketing.  In fact, dental marketing calendars can help you plan when certain campaigns are most effective to attract more patients for your dental practice.  Marketing is much easier when you have a consistent plan in place to implement.  Read more…



And there’s more to come..