[Video] Attracting More New Patients On AutoPilot With QR Coding

Hope your week is going fantastic.

I don’t know about you, but time is just keeps flying by.
Between my two favorite things: my marketing work and my family, it feels like I am traveling at hyper drive on the Millennium Falcon.

(Sorry about the reference, but Star Wars is in 
big in my house with my big and little guys)
Any how….
I keep getting asked, “Ginger, what are QR codes and is that mobile marketing, too?”
First: the answer, YES.
QR codes are not only cool; they work on so many levels.
They are attention grabbing.

So where can you use QR Codes To Attract More New Patients

Well, anywhere really.

Businesses can use them to send you to a particular offer on a webpage, to an opt in page where you give something of value to them like free teeth whitening or a digital scan (great for Implant prospects.)
You can direct them to your Facebook page IF you have a means of getting them to follow you and build your prospect ‘tribe’.    You can even link it to your Google Places to give a smart phone user your contact information and how to get to your office. 

In the video, I show you how some businesses are using them right now and you might not even be aware of in your daily life.

I even share how my 9 year old, Weston, is using QR codes on a project for his science class.  Seriously… if you can use it for elementary kids to get their attention (and get a great grade by impressing the teacher), then you SHOULD be using these in your dental practice.
Here’s my son his QR code from his project!

QR Codes send your prospect right to were you want to send them.They work with any  smartphone with a camera and the free reader apps.
And they give you the option to control HOW you want your prospect to interact with you.
So I shoot a quick, very short (only about 7 minutes long) video showing you just some the things QR codes are capable of and how that applies to your dental office.
Grab your coffee and sit down for a short break to watch.
I look forward to your feedback.
Let me know.
Ginger “Mobile Marketing Dentist” Bratzel