Adjusting Your Schedule To Your Patient’s Needs

The Monday through Thursday dental practice isn’t cutting it anymore.

Keeping your dental schedule full is important to the practice and it involves getting more patients too. Part of this has to be tied to being ‘patient attractive’ in your scheduling and this is creating a new norm in the dental office framework.

In the past, it was standard, common knowledge even, that dental offices were open Monday through Thursday and closed Friday through Sunday. Patients used to accept that. But as schedules get busier and consumers get used to other businesses being friendlier with their hours, they are expecting that from their dental provider also. This requires the transition in the office hours to change.

Your patients are getting used to a more ‘instant access’ world and that means they want something that better fits their schedule. So if you aren’t open on Friday, I hate to say it but you are behind the times.

Planning for patient friendly Friday in your schedule will help you continue to grow. This will help get more dental patients into your office and keep them coming back. I often get some resistance from solo practitioners and thinking I’m asking you to do even more work than you already are. To accommodate Fridays, you just simply adjust your work schedule from another day. The office is still open Monday-Friday for calls but you as the doctor aren’t there everyday delivering care. You could be off one day during the week, or do only a half day on Wednesday and then half day on Friday morning to give patients access to care.

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Now, the key to success for this is….the phones still need to be answered during normal business hours.

Even if you, the doctor, aren’t in the office you still need a real live human answering the phone, Monday through Friday, 8-5. Because what happens if someone calls and you don’t answer?   They move right on to the next dentist in line and I don’t want that to happen to you.
Often times when I am talking with a dentist and they say they are struggling to keep their schedule full I find it’s because they haven’t adapted their practice to what the consumer is looking for. And I will warn you, Saturday will soon become the new norm, so if you aren’t on board for Friday appointments you will really be behind when Saturday moves in.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Adapting to the consumer needs
  • The new norm in the dental practice module
  • Securing spots for your Friday appointments
Please take a few minutes and watch the video above– do it for you and for your practice.
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