3 things that have to happen on the initial phone call

The first phone call is soooooo important (I wish I could put a few more ‘oooooo’ behind that.) But 90% of businesses BOMB in this area.



What would happen if you nailed it? How many more new patients would you get? How many existing patients would keep coming back if you know it out of the park? 

Most businesses rush that first phone call or put someone on the phone who isn’t well trained which is a critical area.  When it comes to answering the phone, you’ve got to have your best people answering the phones. You want it to be someone who listens, vocalizes and has excellent communication skills.

Click on the video image below to watch.

There are 3 things that have to happen on that phone call.

  1. You want to have the warmest greeting this person has ever had. Make a genuine connection, don’t jump straight to business and ask what kind of insurance they have.  It’s not only WHAT you say, but HOW it’s said. (Watch the full video to get more on that.)


  1. The first phone call shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time. Be a detective and get to the bottom of what brought them to your office. Ask questions and listen to the things patients may not be saying.


  1. Get the patient scheduled. Don’t ask for permission. Phrase your question so that it isn’t a yes or no question. For example: Would you like to come in on Wednesday or Thursday? Morning or afternoon?

Having a great first phone call, helps to build a strong foundation. Without a strong foundation, you might crumble. Think about that.

Lastly, I heard a quote yesterday morning, “Everyone wants to improve, but no one wants to change.” So are you ready for change? Are you ready to live a bigger life?

If the answer is yes, watch the full video and see how you can improve your dental office and bring in new patients.