3 Benefits of A Marketing Calendar To Grow Your Business

by Dr. Ginger Bratzel

 [3 Benefits of A Marketing Calendar To Grow Your Business]

During the training, we covered three areas to explode your business by taking the hassle and frustration out of planning marketing.  I gave tips, strategies, and big picture thinking on why and how to use a marketing calendar.

Here’s some of what we covered.

  • Benefit #1:  taking the pressure off. It’s difficult to come up with bright ideas all the time. But with a system in place and a plan, it’s easier to implement small ideas throughout the year.
  • Benefit #2:  pacing yourself.  No more roller coaster with busy months then a slow crash where you’re scrambling.  With a marketing calendar, you pre-emptively plan to even out the highs and lows, which creates steady momentum.
  • Benefit #3: building templates to use again and again. With the calendar, you can see what works and what doesn’t, so you’re able to leverage those successful marketing campaigns into other months and into future years.
  • Bonus Benefit #3B: with marketing in place, you can actually do more marketing. Systems carry the heavy lifting making you better prepared to add additional marketing or do special promotions throughout the year when the opportunity arises.

Marketing shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction when things get panicky and because you haven’t planned ahead of time. And it shouldn’t be a shiny tech object you saw at a convention or a salesman talked you into and then it’s thrown in place.

Marketing should be planned with the intention of who it serves, what it can do, and what’s the expected result. That’s what a marketing calendar’s superpower is.

With better information, you make better decisions for your effort and your marketing dollar.

I urge you to watch the full training to get your marketing calendar started.

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